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Today we are going to start looking at a new DT unit around healthy eating.  So to start, we must understand different food groups.  Use the Food Pyramid PowerPoint presentation to introduce you to the different food groups.  This will also show you how much of each food type we should be consuming as part of a healthy and balanced diet.  From there, have a look at the 'Finding the Food Groups' worksheet.  I would like you to use the presentation that you have looked at and the clues on the sheet to decide which food groups go into which section.  I would then like you to recreate the food plate from the sheet to show the foods which you have in your house by putting them into the correct sections.  You could draw it out and write the foods in, you could draw pictures, you could do it on a laptop or you could place physical food under headings and take pictures of them.  Get creative.


Good luck!