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Talk 4 Writing - Home learning booklet


Below is a booklet with different activities for you to work through this week.  Make sure you keep uploading pictures of the work you are doing to Seesaw.

Key activities to give a go from this booklet:


1. Using similes to write your own poem (Page 5/6)

2. Write your own 'I didn't know I'd miss' poem using the example of Page 11

3. What do the words means activity on Page 18

4. Listen to the poem using the link on Page 19 and answer the questions on pages 19/20

5. Use pages 25, 26 and 27 to write your own poem about one of your favourite places to be.  The first verse should be what the place was like before lockdown and us having to stay at home and the second verse of what it was like/is like now when you can't go there at all or in the same way as you used to.


There are obviously other activities in the book which you can also look at but hopefully this gives you a bit more structure for the week.

Reading Comprehension

This week I am inviting you to take some time to just read for pleasure.  Show me and tell me about the books that you are reading.  If you do want to practise your comprehension skills however, take a look at the additional reading resources which are on the first page of our Class page.

Remember that there are resources online that you can also access using the links below.


BBC Bitesize


Oak National Academy