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Summer Challenge Booklet

I have attached a booklet that you can work through this week.  You can obviously work through the activities at your own pace but a suggestion would be to do half of the booklet on one day and the other half on another day.  You can complete the activities in any order that you want but try and give them all a go as they will test your knowledge and understanding of different concepts.


I have noticed that some of us have been becoming familiar with and using Fronted Adverbials in our writing.  This is brilliant and Miss will definitely be wanting you to use them next year.  I have attached a PowerPoint to help develop your understanding of Fronted adverbials and then there is a booklet to help you practise.  I would suggest completing 3 pages one day and 3 pages another day.  Combined with the Booklet above, this will give you 4 days of English work so you can spend one day this week doing something else.