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CGI Animated Shorts : "The Alchemist"s Letter" - by Pixel Veil Productions | TheCGBros

Watch this beautifully animated CGI animated short film written and directed by the talented Carlos Andre Stevens! Starring 2-time Academy Award® nominee Joh...

Today you will need to focus on 1:08 to 2:28 of the film. In this section we see some of the Father's powerful memories. Why are these memories powerful?


Today you are going to write about a powerful memory of your own that you would use to fuel the machine. This can be about a day/event/person/personal milestone, anything that you remember vividly. It doesn't necessarily need to be a happy memory, not all memories are powerful because we were happy. Your writing should contain lots of emotive language. Think about the activity from lesson 1 where you came up with silver and gold level synonyms. What gold level synonyms could you use instead of words such as happy/sad/excited?


I have attached an example of some writing about a powerful memory. Have a read of it so that you know what you should be aiming towards.