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CGI Animated Shorts : "The Alchemist"s Letter" - by Pixel Veil Productions | TheCGBros

Watch this beautifully animated CGI animated short film written and directed by the talented Carlos Andre Stevens! Starring 2-time Academy Award® nominee Joh...

Play the clip from 1:30-2:38. Think about the Father's phrase, “Because of the creature I was becoming…”  Why does the alchemist use this noun to describe himself? What does it tell you about the effect the machine had on him and his family? Was he really becoming a creature? What type of language is this?
For the first activity you will be editing sentences by adding in your own similies or metaphors. Look at the examples at the top of the sheet first.

First of all you will need to read The Alchemist's Regret. Do you notice how The Alchemist uses similies and metaphors for effect?


Your task now is to write as though you are The Alchemist's son, Verideon. You will be writing about how you are seeing your Father change from a loving man to the creature who abandons his family. In your writing I would like you to try and include lots of figurative language.