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CGI Animated Shorts : "The Alchemist"s Letter" - by Pixel Veil Productions | TheCGBros

Watch this beautifully animated CGI animated short film written and directed by the talented Carlos Andre Stevens! Starring 2-time Academy Award® nominee Joh...

Why does the sun make us feel happy? Why does a storm make us feel frightened?  Can you think how weather could be used in a story to convey what is happening at that time? For example, when someone is in love and things are good, the weather might be bright and the setting colourful. At the start of a horror movie it might be a dark evening with pouring rain and flashing lightning. In English, this is known as Pathetic Fallacy.  It's definitely something that you will learn about further when you go to high school.


In The Alchemist's Letter, the weather is used to reflect the mood. Watch the clip again. Think about how the weather changes throughout the clip - how does this reflect the story at that time? 



At 3 minutes into the film, we see The Father's son abandoning his own daughter. What do you notice about the weather? Why is it like this?


Your task today is to write a short 3rd person narrative, describing this scene. You will need to show how the weather mirrors the upsetting nature of the scene. If you are writing in 3rd person, you will not be using I, me, my, we pronouns. You are writing as though you are observing what is happening.