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In today's lesson, you will be focussing on symbolism. You may remember us looking at symbolism when we did the 'How To Die' poem about war. We looked at how there was lots of focus on death and destruction in order to give the reader a negative outlook towards war. 


First of all, you will need to watch this short Youtube video that explains about symbolism in a little more detail


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Your task for today is to complete the following sheet which lists a number of different symbols seen in The Alchemist's Letter. You will need to watch the clip again, pausing at the time intervals listed on the sheet. At each pause, I would like you to make notes about each symbol and what it represents.


As an example - a beachball could be a symbol for happiness. A beachball would make most people think of happy trips to the beach or sunny days playing outside. It is unlikely to make somebody think negatively.