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Watch this beautifully animated CGI animated short film written and directed by the talented Carlos Andre Stevens! Starring 2-time Academy Award® nominee Joh...

Last week you wrote a letter of complaint about a stay in a hotel. Within that letter you used persuasive language in order to make the hotel manager see your point of view. Some of the persuasive features that you used were imperative verbs, short/snappy sentences and rhetorical questions. When else might it be appropriate to try and convince someone to see things from a different perspective?


In The Alchemist’s Letter, Nicholas narrates the personal letter he wrote to his son to try and make him understand why things ended the way it did, and to try and stop Verideon from making the same mistakes. How is persuasive language used in the narration?


Today you are going to write a response to Nicholas from Verideon. Think about what you have learnt about The Alchemist and the effect his gold making machine had on Verideon.  How would Verideon have felt as a child? How might he feel as an adult before/after reading Nicholas’s letter?


In your letter you should make some reference to the events you saw in the memories. I expect to see persuasive language used to show the broken relationship between the characters.


I have included an example of this letter below. Use the structure of the letter to help you You may use some ideas from this writing.