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Our writing focus for the next few English lessons is going to be autobiographies. Over the next few days you are going to be looking at the features of autobiographies before finally planning and writing your own. As ever, make sure you read any PowerPoints that are attached with each lesson and read instructions before completing activities!


For today's lesson there is a short presentation for you to read that covers the difference between biographies and autobiographies. After this there are two activities.



Activity 1 

For this activity you will need to read the 10 extracts from biographies and autobiographies of famous people. You will then need to sort these into whether they are an autobiography or a biography. This could be presented in a table. Each extract is numbered - in your table you only need to write the number of the extract.


Activity 2

The next task is to read an extract from a biography about Anne Frank. You then need to rewrite this extract as though it is an autobiography and you are Anne Frank writing about yourself. All the information needs to remain the same, you are not making it up! However, you need to think about what needs to change. What pronouns are you going to use? It isn't just a case of swapping the name 'Anne' for an 'I.' You need to make sure that it still makes sense.