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Today you are going to be planning your autobiography in preparation for writing the first half of it tomorrow. If we were in school we would spend the whole lesson planning our writing, it isn't something that you can rush through in 5 minutes if you're doing it properly.


I have attached the planning template below. Your introduction paragraph should include facts about the day you were born. The planning template then moves chronologically through your life; each paragraph should contain information about different periods or events in your life so far. Your final paragraph is about you now - in the present day - and your hopes and dreams for the future.


In school I would give you the planning sheet on A3 paper so that you can include lots of detail. If you don't have A3 paper you will need to set your plan out in a way so that it is clear and allows you to get lots of information written.


Please watch the video that I have uploaded going through what you need to include in your plan.