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Your English work this week will link to our new Science topic - Living Things and Their Habitats.


You will need to read the PowerPoint in order to understand the activity.


For today's lesson you are going to be writing a leaflet advertising a zoo. I have attached a leaflet template for you to use. If you can't print it off, you could just fold a piece of paper into a leaflet. Also attached is a writing prompts template - this shows an example of how you could organise your leaflet, although you do not need to use this.


Activity 1

For this activity you are writing the introduction for your leaflet. Look at the example in the presentation and use the writing prompts to help you.


Belfast - 1 star

Cardiff and Edinburgh - 2 star

London - 3 star


Activity 2

Once you have written your introduction, you are then going to make your zoo leaflet. Remember that a leaflet should be eye-catching in order to attract customers. I am mainly interested in the quality of your writing - I am looking for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar and lots of persuasive language.