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For today's English work you are going to be writing (and performing if you like) a persuasive speech. 


You are going to be imagining that our class have been set the challenge of raising money for a charity. Your task is to persuade your classmates that the charity we should raise money for is a charity protecting orangutans.


You will need to read the Orangutan Fact Sheet before writing your speech. The different star sheets require you to include different things in your speech, make sure you include exactly what your worksheet asks of you.


You can send us a video of you performing your speech if you like. If not, you will need to send in the written version. Try to aim for a speech that lasts at least 1 minute but no longer than 2. This may not sound like much, but it will require more writing than you think.


Belfast -1 star

Edinburgh and Cardiff - 2 star

London - 3 star