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Today you are going to recap on your preposition work from Monday using the 'Preposition Warm Up' PowerPoint.  Work through the presentation completing tasks where you can.  When you get to the page which has the title 'Preposition Police', I would like you to rewrite the section in your exercise books using different prepositions where possible (underline these prepositions for me).


As I am sure you are all aware, we are meant to be staying at home now wherever possible and can only go out for a limited number of reasons.  I would like you to write me a short passage telling me what you would like to do on the day that we are told that we can go back outside again!  Try to include as many prepositions as you can and underline these in your piece of writing.

Word of the day


This is a chance for you to develop your vocabulary by looking at different words and completing small tasks for each one.