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Film Club

FilmClub takes place on Mondays in Y4 after school, from 3.15 - 5.15. It is run by Mrs. Littlewood for children in Y4, Y5 & Y6. Children come along to watch and review a wide variety of films. To date, in the 5 years we have been a club, we have watched 90 films and club members have written over 1700 reviews! Wow, that's a lot! We have won Review of the week 19 times, too! 


We also take pupils to the national film festival (we have taken we took part in a q & a session with some of the actors from 'Believe' and also to meet the lead animator from Aardman who animate Wallis and Gromit) We sometimes hold our own film festivals too! 


If you think this could be for you, then see Mrs. Littlewood  for a permission form. We also sell popcorn at a very reasonable rate!


To find out even more visit:



We now have 4 pupils who have gone on to be Film Club Ambassadors on the Youth Advisory Council. This is open for Y5 pupils to apply from April onwards. This is an exciting opportunity for children to meet and work with others nationally, developing Film Club. Children discuss the IntoFilm website - what pupils use it for, how it is accessed, how it can be made more child-friendly - as part of improving the site. Successful students are given a separate FilmClub account, and looked at IntoFilm's YouTube account and it's potential uses. As a reward for all their hard work to date, and as representatives of our school club - Mad About Movies :-) - children are invited to the IntoFilm awards in Leicester Square in March, followed by a party in Planet Hollywood! 


If you think this could be for you, watch out for the applications early next year.



It will be three years since our last festival. If you have any suggestions for this years theme, or would like to help, please get in touch!


This year, all pupils will be visiting the national film festival, to watch screenings of Paddington 2 and The Greatest Showman. 






News just in! Our latest winning review comes from Georgia Seddon for her review of Life of Pi. Congratulations, Georgia! Your prize is on its' way!


The life of Pi is a very exciting story and is FULL of surprises. It has lots of scary things in it that you might scream at. My favorite part was when the GIANT whale flew over Pi and did this wonderful twirl in the night sky it shocked me to death! I enjoyed the film but some parts are bit boring and are bit more for adults. At the start it gives it away because Pi is telling the story and we all know he survives in his mysterious childhood... It is all about a man named Pi and he has a friend who writes story's. He tells the story and it it turns out that he was in very serious danger in the middle of no where. Pi had to live his teen life in a boat with a tiger named Richard Parker . WATCH THE MOVIE TO FIND OUT MORE... The movie is for children with an adult or it could be for teens,adults.

By Georgia