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Foundation subjects


Get as active as possible this week and show me that you have on the Seesaw app.  You could:


  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a run
  • Skip 2 be fit
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Play in your garden


If you submit your Skip to be Fit scores to me this week, I will put a certificate up on Seesaw for the child who gets the most skips.  Make sure you video yourself skipping and get someone to verify how many skips you get.

Sign Language - Finger Spelling

Take a chance this week to try and spell different words using sign language finger spelling.  Maybe try first of all with your name and post a video of it on Seesaw (you can post it to our blog if you like).  


I am then challenging you to spell out words or a short message to your friends.  Take a video of you spelling out the word/message using finger spelling and post it to our blog.  Don't tell us what the message is you are spelling and we will see if we can all guess what it is that you have spelt out.


This week you are going to have a look at the muscles of the human body.  Have a look through the PowerPoint and see if you can send me a message to tell me what the difference is between a voluntary and an involuntary muscle.  Once you have looked through the PowerPoint, i would like you to set up your own science experiment at home where you explore the muscles you use.


I want you to pick 5 different activities and, using the template below, try to predict which muscles you think you will use carrying out that activity.  Carry out the activity and then circle the muscles in you body that you could feel that you were using.

You can pick any activities that you want, it could be running, press ups, star jumps, skipping ... anything you want.  Remember though, the more active the activity and the longer you give it a go for, the more likely it is that you will be able to feel your muscles working.


Good luck!

3D shapes


Seeing as you are looking at 3D shapes this week in your maths, I have put some resources on here for you to use to create different themed 3D shapes.  Use them to maybe create a little scene which you can then take a picture of and put onto Seesaw.  Obviously some of you might not be able to print these off, however, if you have some paper, a pencil and a ruler, you could have a go and copying a design and creating your own.  There are also other 3D nets out there on the internet which you could try to find ... for example for you Minecraft fans...


Have fun!