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Foundation Subjects

Wednesday this week, Mrs Mercer will set you some more activities through Seesaw so make sure you look at it and send any work to her.



Get as active as possible this week and show me that you have on the Seesaw app.  You could:


  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a run
  • Skip 2 be fit
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Play in your garden


Make sure you video yourself skipping and submit your skipping scores too if you can.




We have now looked at the different topic areas we needed to for the human body.  So I would like us to go back to the beginning and think about the nutrition side of it.  Below is a nutrition diary which I would like you to fill in for the week.  This will give you a chance to remind yourselves of what we meant by a balanced and healthy diet which the human body needs and to look at how balanced our own diets are. 


I would like you to consider what we mean by a special place.  What makes a place special?  Can you think of any places that are special to you?  Why are they special to you?


A special place could be somewhere you have been on holiday, somewhere where family members live, somewhere you visit each year or more regularly (possibly every week). 


I'd like you to create a tour guide of a few different places which are special to you.  Include images of that place (real pictures or photos if you have them), information about where they are, what makes it a special place to you and about your experiences in that place.  You could do this as a booklet, you could create a PowerPoint, you could video yourself talking about the place if you have pictures of it or souvenirs/objects which are from that place.  Get creative with how you present it.



Last week, quite a few of you said that you had trouble accessing the simulation task which I set.  So I have decided to do something different this week.  We looked at coding right back at the beginning of the year but it is a big part of the Computing curriculum.  So I would like you to log in to Purple Mash and have a go at the 'free code task' which I have set.  See what you can remember from what we did and create your own coded game or animation.  Mrs Mercer will definitely be interested to see what you can do for when you are with her next year in Year 4!

Den Building

As part of your English this week, there is an activity which looks at building dens.  So why not have a good go at it during an afternoon.  There is a planning sheet underneath to help you think about how you might make your den.  Think about what it will look like, what things you have around the house to make a den and send me some pictures of the dens that you create.


Oh... and do ask for permission at home before you turn one of your rooms or spaces at home into a den.


Have fun!