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A message for Year 2!

This week, I really need you to do this for me!  I would like you to create something which tells the children in Year 2 about what it is like to be in Year 3.  You could tell them about the things you learn, what the playground is like, any trips you've been on, things you enjoy about it - try and be positive because we are obviously wanting to share this with the Year 2 children to make them feel a bit better about leaving the infants and joining the juniors.  You could do this in any way that you want, you could write them a letter, make a video for them, create a poster or leaflet, however you want.  I will then put everything you do together in a PowerPoint which we can then share with the Year 2 children.


I really want this to be something really nice for the Year 2 children to look at, so take a day this week and just focus on this ... yes, you have permission to leave your Maths and Engllish for a day...!


Thanks Year 3!

22nd June - National Rainforest Day


Today is National Rainforest Day.  I have put a link to a great website which you can look at and learn a few things about rainforests and why we have this day.  Take a look and I will set up a section on our Seesaw class blog where you can comment on anything you have found out or learnt.  I have also attached some colouring linked to rainforests if you are able to print them and would like to complete them for something a bit different.


Get as active as possible this week and show me that you have on the Seesaw app.  You could:


  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a run
  • Skip 2 be fit
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Play in your garden


If you submit your Skip to be Fit scores to me this week, I will put a certificate up on Seesaw for the child who gets the most skips.  Make sure you video yourself skipping and get someone to verify how many skips you get.



This week we want to consider what the purpose of the skeleton is.  Have a look through the PowerPoint below and work through the activity sheet to see if you can identify the job or particular parts of our skeletons.  There are also a few extra activites for you to give a go if you want to.



Some of you still need to complete the 2Do which I set last week which was to help you develop an understanding of what a simulation is.  Once you have done that, if you log in to Purple Mash, I have set you a new 2Do.  This is a set of different simulations for you to have a go at.  I want you to pick your favourite and then tell me about it:

What did you like about it?

What didn't you like about it?

What was realistic about it?

What wasn't realistic about it?

Was it useful as simulating something that could happen in real life?



Make sure you have a go at logging into Yumu and have a go at one of the music sessions.  I have added a new unit to this now so there is more to choose from.