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Foundation Subjects


Get as active as possible this week and show me that you have on the Seesaw app.  You could:


  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a run
  • Skip 2 be fit
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Play in your garden
  • Follow online fitness videos (Joe Wicks)
  • Dance




Research Stone Age cave paintings and see if you can recreate these yourself.  You could do this on paper or using chalks on a wall/floor outside.  Obviously, make sure you have permission before drawing on any anything other than paper.




I want you to design a healthy and balanced meal which you could eat for lunch.  Consider the food groups that you looked at last week and explain why you make the decisions that you make.  You can do this in your exercise books or you could even draw your meal onto a paper plate if you have any in your house.  Your meal could be a healthy sandwich, a pasta dish or it could even consist of more than one course as long as it is healthy and a well balanced meal.




Use the internet to research a State of the USA and design a poster giving interesting information about your chosen state.




Design and create your own Stone Age Quiz.  This can be in any format that you want as long as you know the answers to the questions you design.