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Friday 14th January



Make sure to get onto TT Rockstars and Practice your timestables.


Today, you are going to give this arithmetic test a go.  This doesn't include reasoning and problem solving type questions, it is just basic maths skills.


See how you get on.


Start by testing yourselves on this weeks spellings.  Remember, these are further back on our class page.  Let me know how you get on.


Then, I want you to take some time to read through and edit your writing from yesterday.  Make sure that you check for absolute consistency with the Bronze writing targets as these are now our non-negotiables.  Then check to see what you have and haven't included from the rest of the writing targets.  Obviously, some of the targets will not be appropriate for this piece of writing but see if anything you have missed can be worked in anywhere in your writing.


Once you are happy with you final draft, write it up neat as a newspaper report.  I have attached a template below that you can use if you have access to a printer.  If not, just draw out your own template on a piece of paper.  If you have lined paper, I would just draw a line down the centre underneath my newspaper name and headline.  This then gives you two columns to write in.  Bring it into school with you when you are back and we can get it up on our topic wall. 



Today in class we are going to look at making some artwork linked to our Space Race topic.


Using whatever you have available to you at home, try making a piece of artwork linked to space.  I can't wait to see what you come up with.



We are going to be doing PE in the second half of the afternoon.  So get yourself active in some way ready to then have a rest as the weekend starts.