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Friday 29th January

Good morning Year 3.  Today there is some Maths, English, PSHE and PE for you to have a go at.  Make sure you upload your work onto Seesaw so that I can have a look at what you have been doing.


Reading Plus and TT Rockstars


Start today by spending some time completing at least one session of your reading plus and some time practising your timetables on TT Rockstars.




Today we are going to look at using what we have learnt so far to help us to add amounts of money together.  Have a look at and engage with the video (link below).  There is the Main activity for you to complete and then extension activities looking at initial calculating totals - choose from 1 star, 2 star or 3 star.



Spelling starter


Start today by asking someone if they can test you on this week's spellings.  If they can't, then test yourself.  Let me know how many you get right and which words you don't quite get if there are any.


Main English


First of all, well done to you all for all the the writing you have done this week.  It isn't easy to produce extended pieces of writing. 


Today is your last chance to make final changes to your entire piece of writing.  I would like you to rewrite your story as a whole single piece of writing and make your final edits as you do so.  If you have access to a computer and can type up your story, then you can do this and maybe ask parents at home to email it to the school office asking them to forward it to me.  


Any final pieces that I receive we will put up on our writing wall and I can use to identify next steps for us all.  I have attached the template we use in school when writing up our final pieces.


You've worked hard on this story, be proud of what you have done.



Get active today and show me what you get up to on Seesaw.  Keep wrapped up and warm if you decide to do anything outside.




This lesson is all about creating a community jigsaw. In today’s lesson, you will be able to recognise the different groups that make up and contribute to a community. Here is a short video lesson for today.  The video explains how to make your jigsaw.


Golden Time


It's Friday and that means Golden Time.  Make sure you take some time to do something for yourself once you have completed all of your work.  Let me see what you get up to on Seesaw.


Mr Hughes