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Friday 5th March

Good morning Year 3.  Today there is some Maths, English, PE and Golden Time for you all.  Make sure you upload your work onto Seesaw so that I can have a look at what you have been doing.


Reading Plus and TT Rockstars


Start today by spending some time completing at least two sessions of your reading plus and some time practising your timetables on TT Rockstars.




Today we are looking at calculating perimeter.  We are missing a lesson here as we are due to look at measuring perimeter first but this could be difficult for children at home who are unable to print of the worksheets.  Have a look at the video (link below) and give the activities a go.


Remember to look out for our usual video that we put on Seesaw.



Warm up


Start today by looking at the following extract and giving the activities a go which are linked to placing words in alphabetical order.

Main English


Today, we are going to consider the message of the book we have been looking at.  The story is making us think about how we live on our planet (Earth) and how it is so important to us.  It touches on how we are responsible for looking after our world as it is the only one that we have.  Listen to the story again and see if you can hear that message coming through as it is read to you.


I would like you to take a close look at the double page spread which I have attached below.

This double page shows us what are world is made up of because of the great achievements of humankind.  The message of this book is of how important Earth is and how we should look after the world which we are so curious about at a young age.  


I want you to create your own double page spread to show a world specific to you.  Draw all of the things on there that make the world important to you.  It could include:


  • People you love
  • Places you like to visit
  • Homes that are special to you
  • Animals or wildlife that you like or care about
  • Transport you use to get to places
  • Buildings that are important to you
  • The weather that you enjoy


It can be filled with all of the things that make the world an important place to you.  When you have drawn and coloured in your double page spread, you can either write about each thing that you have drawn or record yourself talking about your own 'Here we are' page.


There is a template below which has a line set out to show the curve of the land of the Earth separating the land from the sky if you want to use this as a guide.



Get active today and show me what you get up to on Seesaw.  Keep wrapped up and warm if you decide to do anything outside.


Golden Time


It's Friday and that means Golden Time.  Make sure you take some time to do something for yourself once you have completed all of your work.  Let me see what you get up to on Seesaw.


Mr Hughes