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Look at the Powerpoints which show some ways that humans have affected the landscape. Once you have done this, there are two activities to complete.


For activity one, you need to describe four human features of the UK. On the worksheet it tells you to draw them, however I am happy for you to just write the name of them. It then asks for you to write one or two sentences describing them. In your description I would like you to tell me where the feature is located and what it is used for. For example, you might choose Wembley stadium. Your description would be something like - Wembley is located in North London. It is the national stadium of England and is used for sporting events such as the FA Cup final and also for events such as concerts.


For activity two you need to complete a planning report for the council with changes that you think should be made to the local area. You will need to think about the affects of these changes and whether or not they are likely to happen. An example of this could be that you feel your area needs a new park for children. This would impact local people as it may attract new visitors to the area which may lead to more traffic/litter/noise. However it would also provide a place for children to play and keep them off the streets.

The worksheets are a bit blurry. If you do not wish to use them and you would rather present your work in another way, that is absolutely fine. They are just there so that you have an idea of how to show your work.