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At St. Catherine's pupils are fortunate to have a wide range of ICT access. We have an ICT suite with 19 desktop computers as well as a 2 sets of iPads, which have been very generously bought by our PTA.


Wireless connectivity is installed throughout the school to provide internet access to all classrooms. This enables the children to access the internet for research, use email and to print wirelessly from computers and iPads. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and these are used on a daily basis in all classrooms.  


The children are taught a  range of computing skills, for example: graphics, data, word processing, control and modelling using roamers, as well researching and exploring curriculum topics.  The children will also be learning higher-order skills such as writing algorithms and programming using software and physical applications such as 'bee bots' and programming apps on the iPads.


Our creative curriculum provides a wealth of opportunities to use and apply ICT skills across different curriculum areas, as well as core skills being taught discretely.


As a school we also place a high emphasis on E-safety and children are ecouraged to be responsible digital citizens, using the internet appropriately with respect and caution.


Year 1 ICT

Unit 1 - How Computers Work

Unit 2 - Digital Art & Music
Unit 3 - Creating Texts for Publishing
Unit 4 - Introduction to Computer Game Making
Unit 5 - Creating an e-book
Unit 6 - Beebot Safari

Year 2 ICT

Unit 1 Computers in the World of Work
Unit 2 Creating a Computer Game for an Audience
Unit 3 On-Screen Turtles
Unit 4 Creating an Animation
Unit 5 Class Blogging
Unit 6 Creating & Presenting Graphs

Year 3 ICT

Unit 1 Introducing Programming
Unit 2 Independent Blogging
Unit 3 Programming and Controlling Models
Unit 4 Making Music
Unit 5 Branching Databases & Scientific Keys
Unit 6 Digital Photography & Photo Editing

Year 4 ICT

Unit 1 Create & Share a Simple App
Unit 2 LOGO Graphics
Unit 3 Creating a 3D Video Game
Unit 4 Presenting Information to an Audience
Unit 5 Interrogating & Analysing Databases
Unit 6 Filming Project

Year 5 ICT

Unit 1 - Programming Virtual Robots
Unit 2 - How the internet works & safe searching
Unit 3 - Computer aided design
Unit 4 - Movie Making
Unit 5 - Computer Game Making with Scratch
Unit 6 - Web Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Internet Safety & Safe Searching

Titanic Webquest

Year 6 ICT

Unit 1 - Budgetting with Spreadsheets & Formulae
Unit 2 - Controlling Programs & Simulations (Flowol)
Unit 3 - Web Mashups & Code
Unit 4 - Podcasting
Unit 5 - Controlling virtual simulations
Unit 6 - Leaver's Book