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TT Rockstars


Make sure you are accessing Timestable Rockstars as often as possible.  Through the TT Rockstars website, you are now able to access Numbots which is a system created to help you with you other mental calculations.  Start accessing this this week and see how you get on with it.


Big Maths


Here are the 3 Big Maths tests for this week.


Main Maths

Use the resources and weblinks below to practise your main maths.  Can you make sure that you make use of the answers to check and mark your work so you can see how you have got on with the questions.

White Rose Maths - Home Learning


Use the link below to start working through the home learning lessons which are provided by White Rose.  Start with week 1.


Remember, if the Year 3 work is too tricky, you can always access work from White Rose for lower year groups.


Good Luck!