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TT Rockstars


Make sure you are accessing Timestable Rockstars as often as possible.  Don't forget to access the Numbots system which I told you about last week to keep practising your other mental calculations.  Keep using both of these this week as often as possible.


The following website has been shared by Austin.  He thinks it is quite good for practising his timestables so you could all give this a go this week too.



Big Maths


Here are the 3 Big Maths tests for this week.  Some of you have said that the formatting of the sheets means you can't complete all of the questions.  If that is the case, just complete the questions which you are able to read

Oak National Academy


There are a range of lessons available for you to access here for maths.  Use the link below to go to the website.

BBC Bitesize


Remember to look at the work which is available on the BBC Bitesize website as they are going to be providing daily lessons.


White Rose Maths - Home Learning


Use the link below to work through any of the lessons which you may not have accessed on the White Rose website.  Not all the resources are now free to access but you can still use any you haven't accessed yet and videos which are published.


Remember, if the Year 3 work is too tricky, you can always access work from White Rose for lower year groups.