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Monday 25.01.21.


Todays Phonics lesson, PP and video (‘Nothing like our brother’) is in the Phonics folder.

English - watch both videos in the Video Resource Centre on the Home page of the website in the Home Learning Year 2 folder. Listen to the story on Video 1 and follow the instructions on Video 2 for the task. Complete the activity, making sure you give a full and detailed reason as to why you chose to take each specific item. Take care with your handwriting, sense of sentences and spellings or you will be asked to do it again.

I have uploaded a slideshow of the book so that you can see the pictures more clearly and relate back to specific pages if you need to.

Come and See 

The work for todays lesson is in the Come and See folder.  Read the text and complete the activity.


Go onto YouTube and take part in todays lesson with PE with Joe.  He has a new batch of daily lessons staring today so do it as often as you like but I will set it once a week.