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Monday 6th September



Today in maths, we are going to work together to complete the following treasure hunt.

Maths Treasure Hunt



Today in our English lesson, we are going to write a letter to our 'end of Year 5 selves'.  We are then going to store these in a time capsule so that we can get them out again and read them at the end of the year.  We may include information such as:


  • How we are feeling as we write the letter
  • What we are looking forward to
  • What  we are worried about
  • What we want to get better at
  • What we hope to have achieved by the end of the year



It is our PE day today, so try and get active for a part of the afternoon.



Today we are considering what our topic for the Autumn term might be about.  Our Big Question is 'How dark were the Dark Ages?'


Consider these questions and write some ideas down for each:


What were the dark ages?

When were the dark ages?

What do we know about the Scots, Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings?

What would we like to know about the Scots, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings?


By answering these questions, we will get ourselves ready to explore this period of history and look at if through different subjects up until Christmas.