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This week, you have four days to complete your project (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)


Alongside your project, complete something from your homework book each day. Over the next two weeks you should aim to finish this book. I know a couple of children have already completed this - well done! If you have, then practice maths skills on Revisewise and TT Rockstars, to keep your skills sharp.



Quite a few children have asked for some more art activities. I have found some lessons on Revisewise that are very practical and I think you will enjoy.

In this lesson you will learn about how French painter Henri Rousseau used his imagination to paint places he had never visited, learn some basic artistic techniques and create your own artwork. 

This lesson includes:

  • one inspirational video about how imagination lets us paint places we have never been to
  • three practical videos about painting, collage, and printmaking
  • one activity to create your own artwork