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Your second lesson of music will be Wednesday 20th January. You will need your log in for Yumu -using the log in details I sent you. Make sure you click on the lessons I have set - it has a due date of 20-1-21/ The other lessons on YUMU are the ones Mr Hughes set last year when you were in Year 3. 

Follow the steps 

1. Listen to the song - this is a different song than last week. 

2. Listen to the music and try to find the pulse - try the silver challenge this week. 

3. Play the games - try the silver challenge. 

4. Have a go at making your own rhythm up using 'quickbeats'. 

5. Have another go at singing 'Stop'. 

If you are able to send are recording of your quickbeats rhythm - pleased do! 

Have fun 

Mrs Leck smiley