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Reception - Seaside sound makers

In this unit, the children explore and play with seaside objects while listening to a collection of seaside sounds. 


They sing a song 'What can you see?'

Each verse of the song focuses on a different sense.


What can you see? What can you see?

I can see the pattern of the waves of the waves on the sea.


What can you hear? What can you hear?

I can hear the seagulls when they're flying near.


What can you smell? What can you smell?

I can smell the salt that's hiding in a shell.


What can you feel? What can you feel?

I can feel the stones moving under my heel.


What can you taste? What can you taste?

I can taste my ice-cream, couldn't beat to let it waste.


The children use percussion instruments to represent sounds of the sea.


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Seaside sounds

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