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Rosa Parks

Over the next TWO weeks we will be learning about Rosa Parks. We will be finding out who this amazing lady is and why she is such a significant person in history.

W/B 22.02.21. Take look at the Lesson 1 guidance for today and then watch listen to the story, in the Video Resource Centre, of Rosa Parks and what happened in her life. Then complete activities 1 and 2.

W/B 01.03.21. Today you will writing a fact file about Rosa Parks but first you will need to refresh your memory by looking at the film clip and/or PP. Whilst you're watching the clip write down any important facts about Rosa then you will have them as notes for when you write up your fact file. I've also given you an example of WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) so you know how it should look and a word mat to help spell some key vocabulary that you should use in your fact file.