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Thursday 13th January


Make sure to get onto TT Rockstars and Practice your timestables.


We are then going to be looking at common factors of numbers.  Reflect on what the difference between a multiple and a factor is when looking at this lesson.  Take a look through the lesson presentation and then give the tasks a go.



Start today's English by having a read through the PowerPoint below which goes through the difference between direct and indirect speech.

Using your plans from yesterday, you are going to write the content of your newspaper report.  Imagine that you are writing this newspaper report after the astronauts have returned back to Earth.  Reflect on their entire journey and tell your readers about it.  Think of a catchy headline which may make use of alliteration or clever word play.  Remember to consider our Bronze through the Platinum writing targets.  Don't worry about setting this out in the format of a newspaper report, just focus on getting the writing for it done.



Login to Purple mash.  For the afternoon, I want you to complete the two 2dos I have set you.  The first is the vocab quiz from our Coding topic.  Lets see how much you remember from before Christmas.  The second is for you to use the skills you developed in our last unit of work to create your own game.  Be creative with your ideas but make sure that the concept isn't too difficult to create and code.

Reading Plus


Complete a couple of Reading Plus sessions.