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Thursday 21st January

Good morning Year 3.  Today there is some Maths, English, RE and Music for you to have a go at.  Make sure you upload your work onto Seesaw so that I can have a look at what you have been doing.


Reading Plus and TT Rockstars


Start today by spending some time completing at least one session of your reading plus and some time practising your timetables on TT Rockstars.



Some more practise to help deepen the understanding we have of division.  There is a video below and then some activities for you to give a go.



Today we have a reading comprehension around the Stone Age to complete.  There are 3 levels to choose from: 1 star, 2 star or 3 star.  The higher the stars, the trickier the reading level.  I have also included the answers so you can see how well you get on.


Throughout the year, it is important for Catholics to pray. Some people pray each day and we all pray for particular reasons during different times of the liturgical year. 

Thinking about the situation we find ourselves in now, I would like you to write your own prayer. Think about what you might ask for, what you might say thank you for and who you might pray for. Write out your prayer and decorate it using appropriate symbols and pictures. 

Can’t wait to read them. 



Using the logins which I sent out last week, login to Yumu and have a go at the third music session on there.