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Thursday 4th Febraury

Good morning Year 3.  Today there is some Maths, English, RE and Music for you to have a go at.  Make sure you upload your work onto Seesaw so that I can have a look at what you have been doing.


Reading Plus and TT Rockstars


Start today by spending some time completing at least two sessions of your reading plus and some time practising your timetables on TT Rockstars.




Continuing with our recap on previous learning of statistics, we are going to look today at drawing pictograms.  Take a look at the video (link below) and then give the activities which are attached a go.



Carrying on with the theme of 'Expressing Ourselves', today you are going to plan and create your own storyboard.  This is a bit like a comic strip.  This is going to tell a short story around the theme of someone expressing themselves.  We are going to bring in what we looked at on Tuesday when we thought about turning negative thoughts into a positive one.


You are going to come up with your own story of a child/person who has a negative thought about expressing themselves.  It could be that they like to play a sport but aren't as good as everyone else or a child who likes to listen to Rock music but no-one else does and they are worried that people will make fun of them.  Think about what 'negative thought dilemma' your character will have...


We are then going to have them overcome that worry by turning their negative thought into a positive.  They might do this on their own, with the help of a friend or they might find someone who likes to express themselves in the same way and so don't feel so different anymore.


I want your storyboard to end with this positive thought and a positive outcome.


Make sure you have a good think about this and produce as good a storyboard as you can as on Friday, you will be writing your storyboard as a short written story.


There is a template for a storyboard below which you can use.  You are not limited to just using the 8 sections, if you need more, you can use more.  Each section is split into a big box for your pictures and a small box for your text which narrates what is going on.


Good luck Year 3!



Carrying on from Tuesday's lesson, I want you to read the story again which you will find in the attached document.  From here, I want you to design your own version of the story.  You could write about someone who makes a meal from sticks, or leaves but keep the same concept of people coming together to share ingredients to make a lovely meal that they can all share together.


Using the logins which I have sent out to you, login to Yumu and have a go at the fifth music session on there.