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Thursday 4th March

World Book Day


Today is world book day so we want a day to focus on tasks that are linked to reading.  There are a range of activities for you below and you can pick and choose the activities which you would like to do.


One activity I do want you to do though is to pick up a book that you really enjoy reading and read it!  Take some time to get comfortable, on your own or with someone at home and read that book.  If you find yourself wanting to read more and more and don't want to put the book down, then don't - keep reading and see how enjoyable reading can be.


Crosswords and Wordsearch


Below are a couple of word searches and a crossword that you can give a go today.

Design a new book cover


Choose a book that you enjoy reading and create a new design for the cover of it using the template below.

Create a Quiz about Oliver Jeffers


Oliver Jeffers is the author of the book we have been looking at this week.  Below is a PowerPoint which gives us some information about him.  Use this to create your own quiz about him.  You could use your own PowerPoint skills to create this quiz if you wanted to.

Design a bookmark


Here are some templates that you can use to design your own bookmark.

Favourite character-selfies


Choose some of your favourite characters from books which you have read and draw and colour their selfies using the attached templates.

Scavenger Hunt


If you have a range of books at home, you could try to this book scavenger hunt.

Acrostic Poem


Create your own acrostic poem about reading using the template below.