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Thursday 7th January

Good morning Year 3.  Today there is some Maths, English and Music for you to have a go at.  Make sure you upload your work onto Seesaw so that I can have a look at what you have been doing.




We are continuing with our timestables work today and are looking at the 4s this time.  There is a PowerPoint for you to have a look through and to engage with.  There is then an initial activity which you can choose from (2 star and 3 star - 3 start being slightly trickier).  There is then the main activity sheet which consists of 3 levels, the further through the worksheets you work, the harder the questions become.  Give them a go and let me see what you have done on Seesaw.


I have also included the answers so you can self-check and mark to see how well you got on like we sometimes do together in class.




Make sure you get onto Reading Plus and continue to complete lessons on there.


Grammar - Paragraphs


As we are going to start on our new class text next week which will include different opportunities for us to complete various bits of writing, I would like use to focus today on recapping on paragraphs.  Although we have been using them quite well so far this year, I would like us to spend a bit of time today just reminding ourselves of what they are and how we use them.  Next week we will definitely be using them in all of our writing and you will all be great at using them!


Below is a PowerPoint presentation for you to run through.  There are a number of activities to complete and the time to do these will be made clear as you look through the presentation.  Where there are different versions (1 star, 2 star, 3 star) make sure you look at them all and choose the worksheet which you will find challenging but not too hard so that you are struggling.


Good luck Year 3! 



I thought that we could maybe spend a bit of time today just recapping on how to send an email.  We sent plenty to Santa last half term but not as many to me.  Therefore, I would like you to send me an email on Purple Mash 2Email just to let me know how you are and what you got up to over your Christmas break.  You could mention something that you have written about in your Christmas Diary entries or maybe something you didn't include in them.  


As a challenge, if you are able to, I would like you to see if you could attach a picture of your favourite Christmas present which you received from Santa.  This could be a picture that you take on your device of the actual gift or a picture of it from the internet.  This would really show me that you remember all that we can do with emails.


Remember to include:


  • a subject
  • the main content of your email (checking spelling and grammar etc)
  • a picture of your favourite Christmas present as an attachment




Keep an eye on your Seesaw accounts.  I am going to send you an invitation to use the Yumu music package that we have available to us.  Use the information of the invitation to visit the online resource and use today as a chance to have a go and let me know if you have any issues with it.