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Tuesday 11th January


Make sure to get onto TT Rockstars and Practice your timestables.


We are then going to be looking at multiples of numbers.  Consider what the difference between a multiple and a factor is when looking at this lesson.  Take a look through the lesson presentation and then give the tasks a go.



Last week in school we were designing and building our own Viking Longboats.  This week, we are writing instructions of how to make our own.  Have a quick look at the PowerPoint to remind yourself of what we include in a set of instructions.  I want you to then write your own set of instructions for me.  Now, as you may not have been in last week to create the Viking longboats, I will let you choose a topic to write your instructions for. 


As well as showing the features of instructions in your writing, I want you to try and include parenthesis in your writing.  Remember, parenthesis are brackets, commas or dashes which wrap around extra information which could be taken out of the sentence.

Don't forget to do some Reading Plus too.



We are starting our new Science topic this week which is Earth and Space.  To get started, write out a spider diagram with 'Earth and Space' in the centre.  Write around it everything that you know or think you know about Earth and Space.


Next, have a go at this quiz and let me know how many questions you get correct.

Now have a look through this lesson presentation.  Give the sorting activity a go to decide which arguments are for a flat Earth and for a Spherical Earth and then give the final activity sheet a go.