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Tuesday 26.01.21

Guided Reading This Week

If you have registered on Reading Planet DON'T use Oxford Owls and read one of the books I have set you.  You all should have between 4 and 6 books allocated.  When you have finished each book you must compete the reading quiz at the end and I think you need to press the finished button.  This will enable me to know where you're up to and check how you've done. 


If for any reason you can’t gain access to Reading Planet, maybe due to website issues, you may read the books allocated to you on Oxford Owls.








Guided Reading for Oxford Owls (only if you've not registered with Reading Planet- read the following books only (if you don't finish it today don't worry you have all week to catch up) which is relevant to your group:

Red Group - Jack

Green Group - Please Do Not Sneeze

Turquoise  Group - The Big Breakfast 

Purple Groups (1&2) - The Rainbow Machine

Gold Group - The Flying Machine

English - Today you will need to watch the video on the Video Resource Centre which will explain the today's activity. I have uploaded the PP of the story for you to refer to. Children in Slytherin and Ravenclaw are to compete the sheet 1 and children in Gryffindor and Hufflepuff complete sheet 2. The word bank for G&H is on the Help Sheet and S&R have a word bank on sheet 1. Please ensure that your sentences make sense and you use the illustrations and word banks to help you. Remember your sentences must have 3 adjectives in each one. If your child can't remember which English group they're in please refer to the list in the English and Maths Groups Folder on the Y2 page.


The lesson and resources are in the Computing folder.


Look in the DT file and choose one of the Food Tech lessons and cook away!.