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Tuesday 5th January

Good morning Year 3,


I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and a nice break with your families.  I hope you have seen the video I have put up on Seesaw and so have an idea of what to expect from your Home Learning.  I am putting some work up on here for you to do for me today.  Some of this work is new learning but some is a recap on work we did last half term.  Once we have all had chance to organise ourselves after the short notice which we have all received, the resources and lessons you will access will be more in line with what we would be doing in class.


Have a go at the work and make sure you upload pictures to Seesaw for me so I can see what you have done.




This is an addition and subtraction workbook from last half term.  I would like you to pick 2 or 3 pages which would challenge you most or be of most benefit to you for helping you with your written addition and subtraction.  The sections get more difficult as you go through so make sure you pick work which will benefit you the most.  Don't just pick the parts which you find easy to do.


Also remember to get yourselves onto TT Rockstars as well so that you can keep up your work with your timestables.





Make sure you keep accessing Reading Plus each day at home including today!




I always love hearing from children after Christmas about what their holidays were like but unfortunately, we aren't all in school to be able to do this.  I would therefore like you to write me a diary entry of your favourite day from your holidays.  I am sure for most of you, this will be Christmas Day but it doesn't have to be.  Tell me about what you did, how you felt and why it was the best day of your Christmas break!


A key focus for us all here is to make sure we are writing this Diary Entry in sentences.  Some of us were still writing a whole paragraph with one full stop at the end of last half term and so we want to make a really big effort here to make sure we are writing in a range of sentences.  As well as that, your Success Criteria is:


  • The Non-negotiables
  • Adjectives
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Exclamation marks and question marks
  • Conjunctions
  • Apostrophes


Can't wait to read what you got up to over Christmas!




Get yourself active in anyway you can today and show me a picture or video of this over the Seesaw app!




As we are starting a New Year, I want us to think about what special times and events make up a year in our own lives.  Consider these questions and maybe respond to some of them through a video which you can upload to Seesaw:


  • What are the highlights of your year?
  • Who is with you on the journey through the year?
  • What makes it good?
  • Are there any difficult times in the year?
  • What helps you?
  • If you were going on an actual journey, who would you like as a companion? How would you travel?  What would you take with you?  What would be your reasons for these choices?


After thinking about this, I want you to show me what key events happen in a year of your life.  You can use the template which I have put below as a guide or print it out and add to it.  Write down that key things on the signposts which are important to you during a year of your life.  Try and put them in order starting at the front and moving further back.  I'd love to see a picture of what you do but you could also record yourself telling me a bit about the events which you have chosen and about why they are so important to you.

Thanks all.


Mr Hughes