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Wednesday 27.01.21.

English - today's task is to complete a survival diary entry from Penda. You have 2 tasks to complete: task 1 is a role on the wall (on Help Sheet) and task 2 is the diary. All the information is on the Help sheet and I will explain it on the video on Seesaw again. Use the success criteria to ensure you have included everything that is required of a good diary entry and remember you are writing as if you are Penda.


Watch the PowerPoint in the Phonics folder and follow the instructions of when to watch the video (Swapping Song).


Complete Step 4 on our new topic I want to be in a Band by clicking on the link in the music file. Your log in details are on a spreadsheet on Seesaw. 

.Cosmic Kids Yoga Quest

Look in the Yoga file and complete the first quest only.  Tick it off on the map which you can download if you desire or just make a note of where you're up to.