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Wednesday 14th July


Below are the clue cards and answer card for an Escape the Hut Challenge.  It has different maths problems for you to have a go at.  See what combination you come up with for the code to escape the hut.


Here is another Escape the Room challenge but with English related questions.


Have a look at the PowerPoint about the Victorian workhouses.  Can you make a list of rules which there might be today if we still had workhouses today?  Would the rules be different?  What might happen if you broke the rules today?


After that, think about if workhouses still existed today.  Complete the Similarities and Differences worksheet with how you think workhouses might be the same and how they might be different from the Victorian times if they were still around today.  Consider the jobs people might have to do, what schooling might be like, activities people might be allowed to do.