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Wednesday 6th January

Good morning Year 3.  Today's activities are starting to look a bit more like what we would do in class.  There is some maths, English and Science here for you to have a go at.  Make sure you upload your work onto Seesaw so that I can have a look at what you have been doing.




As we are going to be looking at multiplication and division, looking at our timestables is a good place to start now.  Today you are going to focus on the 3 timestables.  There is a PowerPoint for you to have a look through and to engage with.  There is then an initial activity which you can choose from (2 star and 3 star - 3 start being slightly trickier).  There is then the main activity sheet which consists of 3 levels, the further through the worksheets you work, the harder the questions become.  Give them a go and let me see what you have done on Seesaw.


I have also included the answers so you can self-check and mark to see how well you got on like we sometimes do together in class.




Make sure you get onto Reading Plus and continue to complete lessons on there.




Attached are a range of sentences which have things wrong with them.  These could be spelling mistakes or mistakes with the grammar and punctuation.  I want you to spot those mistakes and correct them by writing each one out again properly.  I'd also like you to record yourself (if possible) telling me about a few of your sentences and what mistakes had been made by the person who had written them. 



There is one thing that we were unable to fit in last half term in our light topic and that was looking at 'changing shadows'.  There is a PowerPoint below which includes an experiment which you might be able to set up at home if you have the equipment.  If you are able to, give this a go and let me see what your results were through the Seesaw app.


Whether you manage to do the experiment or not, I would like you all to complete the following activity.  I would like you to create an informative video (or a poster if you are not able to record yourself) to demonstrate your understanding of how shadows are created and how we can change them (the size of the shadow).  Imaging you are the teacher at the front of the class with a torch, try and teach me about what a shadow is, how they are made and what it is that can cause them to change.


Good luck! 

I have also attached a Shadow Puppet document.  Give these shadow puppets a go and see if you can successfully make any of them.