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World Book Week W/B 01.03.21.

World Book Week 2021

This week we will be mostly focusing on literacy based lessons and activities.  Any lessons/activities that are not based on our focus book will be in the relevant folder on the Year 2 page. This is a literacy based unit and aims to support reading and writing for pleasure.  


We will be focusing on one book in particular, Here we are by Oliver Jeffers. This heartfelt and thought-provoking book by Oliver Jeffers is dedicated to his son, Harland and was written in the first two months of Harland’s life. It was inspired by Oliver’s desire to make sense of the world for his son, but is also a gift to all children at this time, helping them to make sense of their world and their role in it.  


On Thursday 4th March, is World Book Day, so we will be completely dedicating this day to Here we are and reading for pleasure. I will also post a link for a video, Supertato, on the VRC which is a bit of fun for you to watch. 


I have your book tokens in school and I give them to you when you return to school next week.  I hope you enjoy this beautiful book.

English - Here is the daily breakdown and lesson information for this weeks English work. It is detailed but its just to help you work your way through the focus book. Activity details are on each page but this is just in more detail.