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Year 6

In Year 6 the children enjoy lots of history topics: World War 2, Henry VIII and The Mayan Civilization. The children often initially complete independent research projects, collecting information and creating their own posters, folders, newspaper reports and power points at home before continuing the topic in school. In class the children enjoy learning through internet searches, looking in books, examining artefacts, working in groups or independently using their new found knowledge and skills to record evidence in a variety of ways.  

Year 6 WWII Homework Projects

Year 6 WWII Homework Projects 1
Year 6 WWII Homework Projects 2
Year 6 WWII Homework Projects 3


What an amazing trip we had today! As part of our topic on World War 2, we visited Bury Transport Museum and Bury Art Museum where we took part in workshops where the children had the opportunity to examine artefacts first hand and were encouraged to think about the people they belonged to and the context in which they were used. Dressed as evacuees, the children then experienced a journey as an evacuee on a steam-hauled train. At the end of the journey, we were met by a billeting officer and some of our 'evacuees' were chosen by locals from the countryside to be housed.


Tudors Homework Projects

Tudors Homework Projects 1
Tudors Homework Projects 2
Tudors Homework Projects 3
Tudors Homework Projects 4

Spring Term - Tudors

Spring Term - Tudors 1
Spring Term - Tudors 2
Spring Term - Tudors 3
Spring Term - Tudors 4
Spring Term - Tudors 5