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Welcome to the PTA Section!



The PTA members are:

Chair     Debbie Hodge  (Charlie's mum, Y5)

Vice Chair  Eileen Tomlinson  (Adam Jones' Mum Y5)

Treasurer    Alison Weaving   (Matthew's mum Y4)
Secretary    Mrs Armstrong    (Rachel and Matthew's Mum Y4 and Y2)    


There are other parents who give their support regularly and we are very grateful for this. The fundraising events ran in school cannot happen without support from our parents.



The summer fair was a great success on Saturday. As soon as we know the amount raised we will let you know. Thanks to all those who came and supported the school.  Especially those who came and threw sponges and Mrs Leck and Mr Kearon!!

Summer fair

Summer fair  1
Summer fair  2
Summer fair  3
Summer fair  4