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The children at St. Catherine's know that History is all around us. History fires pupil's curiosity to ask questions and know more about Britain's past and that of the wider world. Our children are given opportunities to find out about how and why the world, our country, culture and local community have developed over time. Our children develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of how the past influences the present by encouraging them to build a chronological framework of British history that will enable them to make sense of the new knowledge they will acquire. All the knowledge and skills that our children acquire and develop are built on year by year.  



History is taught in a cross curricular way through our question based topics from Year 1 to Year 6. Key knowledge and skills have been taken from the National Curriculum to ensure progression is achieved across topics throughout each year group.  Cross curricular outcomes in History are specifically planned for, with strong links between the History curriculum and English lessons, enabling further contextual learning. Outcomes of work are monitored to ensure that they reflect a sound understanding of the key identified knowledge. Where appropriate we use historical artefacts, visitors, workshops and visits to excite and intrigue our children to find out more about events and people from the past. 



Outcomes in topic and English books will evidence a broad and balanced History curriculum and demonstrate the children's acquisition of identified key knowledge and skills. Work will show that a range of topics are being covered, cross-curricular links are made where possible and differentiated work set as appropriate. As historians, children will learn lessons from history to influence the decisions they make in their lives in the future. Assessment and monitoring will show standards in History will be age related and will match standards in other subject areas. 


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