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Welcome to the Governors' Section!


Welcome from the Governors at St Catherine of Siena R C Primary School. These pages will tell you who we are and the job that we do. It will also give the statutory information about our Governing Board.


The Governing Board provides strategic leadership and accountability for the school and it's community. It meets regularly and works with the head teacher and the staff to decide the school's aims and policies and to oversee the efficient running of the school by fulfilling three core strategic functions. these are -:


  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Holding executive leaders to account for educational performance of the organisation and its pupils and the performance management of staff.
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent.




The Governing Board's remit is to encourage the school to raise standards of achievement. The best chance of success for a school is when there is a high expectation of what pupils can achieve. Governors attend targeted term time visits to look at specific areas of activity linked to the school's vision and development plans. Most of us are not educational professionals and do not make judgements ourselves on the quality of teaching. We do however, study carefully the information about the progress children make at our school and what their level of achievement is at the end of Key stage 1 and Key stage 2. We get to know the school's strengths and weaknesses, we agree policies and agree the staff's priorities for the school's development. Governors are there to offer a different view and ask challenging questions to help the school to continually improve. The Full Governing Board work together to fulfil our three core functions, meeting together each term. We also have two committees who meet termly to consider standards and resources in more detail. The finance committee review spending and work with the Head Teacher and school Business Manager to ensure rigorous financial controls are in place. Focussing also on staffing, staff workload and school maintenance.  The curriculum committee review attainment and progress and are responsible for making sure the school provides a good quality of education for all our children regardless of their ability. Focussing also on aspects of school life including our Catholic ethos, safeguarding, special educational needs of pupils, pupil's spiritual/moral/social & cultural development and British values.

The Governing board also supports performance management of the staff and senior leaders, attends school and community events, sits on panels (discipline/complaints) as required and attends relevant training.

Each half term the Governors have the privilege of awarding a deserving pupil a ' Governor's Star Award ' certificate. The award is given to a pupil who has excelled over the half term in any number of ways, for example, trying their best or being a good friend. It is important to the Governing board that the achievement of pupils is recognised.


Foundation Governors are appointed by Liverpool Archdiocese and are people who, in the opinion of the Archdiocese, have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.



Terms of Reference for all the committees and minutes from the Full Governing Board meetings are available on request from the school office. 




Meet the Governors ...



All the Governors

The members of the Governing Body are: 

Christine Henshall - Foundation Governor -appointed by the Archdiocese. Chairperson of the FGB, member of the finance committee and curriculum committee,  Link governor, Forum governor, governor for the Arts, governor for and history and geography.


Paul Hodge  - Foundation Governor -appointed by the Archdiocese, Vice Chairperson of the FGB,  member of the curriculum and finance committee, governor with responsibility for the website.


Father Gordon Abbs - Foundation Governor - appointed by the Archdiocese, Chair of the Finance Committee, governor for RE.  

Phil Harte - Foundation Governor - appointed by the Archdiocese, member of the curriculum committee, member of the Finance committee, science governor. 

Linda Morris - Foundation governor - appointed by the Archdiocese, member of the curriculum committee,  governor for SEND and Pupil premium.


Jacqueline Leonard - Foundation governor - appointed by the Archdiocese. 

Glyn Donohue - Local Authority governor - appointed by the LA, member of the finance committee and governor for health and safety in school. 

John Clegg - teacher governor and member of the curriculum committee, appointed through a vote by all school staff, governor for health and safety


Emma Fox  - Parent Governor - appointed through nomination and vote by parents - Vice Chair, Chair of the Curriculum committee, member of the Finance Committee and Safeguarding Governor, Governor for looked after children.


Diane Gaskell - Foundation governor - appointed by the Archdiocese- member of the curriculum committee, governor for literacy.


Catha Seddon - Parent Governor- appointed through nomination and vote by parents. Member of the curriculum committee and governor for numeracy. 


Rebecca Seddon - Associate Member - appointed by the Governing Board








Christine Henshall -Hello, I have been a Foundation Governor here since 2015 but have a long connection with St. Catherine of Siena school as my two Sons attended here in the late 80's and early 90's. I have an NHS background and worked as a midwife for 44 years until my recent retirement, so I have had the privilege of working alongside many families. I strongly believe that the children are our future and am passionate about education, ensuring we provide our children with the tools and opportunity to achieve their full potential, in a safe and happy environment , teaching Gospel values, to shape the whole child. It is an honour to be involved in the education of the children in our school, working collectively with the all the staff and governors to drive improvement and promote our mission statement to encourage our children to be who God meant them to be. I am a member of the congregation at St. Catherine of Siena and All Saints church in Golborne and have been a Eucharistic minister for many years.

Since retiring and having more free time, I enjoy swimming, yoga, walking, flower arranging and skiing.  


Linda Morris - I am Linda Morris and I am married to Ken. We have lived in Lowton for over 48 years. I am proud to have been associated with St. Catherine of Siena PS for over 50 years! I first came to the school Christmas Fayre when my three Nephews were pupils here and was more closely associated with school when our two Sons came here, followed in recent years by our Grand-Daughters.

I am a member of the Secular Franciscan Order and previously attended St. Catherine of Siena church, Lowton. Now I am active in the All Saints Parish in Golborne as a Eucharistic Minister, Parish Safeguarding Representative and Deanery Representative. One of my greatest pleasures and privileges is as a Parish Catechist when I help prepare yr 4 children in our three parish schools for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.   

Before I retired. I was a Principal Geotechnical Engineer and Geologist for an international company. Since retirement, I enjoy leisure time salsa dancing and looking after our allotment.


John Clegg - I am currently a teacher here at St. Catherine of Siena 's school and represent all the staff, so that we can ensure that all the children get the best possible education they can whilst they are with us. Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked in industry as a factory manager and can bring aspects of this into my role. I have two grown up children and enjoy doing anything that gets me outside in the fresh air and with nature.


Emma Fox - I am Emma, ( hopefully you have seen me around school). I was elected as a parent governor in 2018 and I am currently responsible for Safeguarding. I feel privileged to represent the parents as a governor and be able to contribute to the continued improvement and innovation of our school.

I am currently a 'stay at home' parent with two children at St. Catherine's who really enjoy their time within the loving and nurturing community that our school provides.

I previously worked as a teacher, so I value and recognise the impact that the school team can make on our children's learning and development. I can devote time, knowledge and enthusiasm to passionately make and support our school in being happy, respectful, safe, secure and outstanding. I also love spending time as a volunteer, working with the children in school, which I feel is invaluable. 

My happiness is spending time with my family and friends, walking our dog, cooking, watching sports and travelling, especially at sea.

I am passionate about our school and enjoy working with our governors to help deliver the best to our children, staff, parents and the wider school community.


Jackie Leonard I am a teacher myself and have been a senior leader at a large primary school in Bolton for the past six years. I have a passion for teaching and understand the importance of effective governance. I am an active member of St. Catherine of Siena and All Saints church, Golborne and sit on the parish council. In my personal life, I am married and have two grown up sons. I have a love of the outdoors and like nothing more than walking in the Lake District. As a past pupil of St. Catherine's school, it is a privilege for me to return as a Foundation Governor.














Governing Body Composition:

Type of Governor






Local Authority






Associate Members


Names of Governors

Type of Governor

Term of Office

Date of appoint-ment

Date of resignation

(if resigned in the last 12 months)

Appointing Body

Mr Derek Morris



Mrs Jackie Leonard






1-9-16 to 31-8-20



15-10-20 to 14-10-24

















Mr Phil Harte



21-11-20 to 21-11-21




Mrs Christine Henshall (Chair)


23-11-19 to 22-11-23




Mr Paul Hodge



14-11-16 to 13-11-20




Miss Diane Gaskell


1-9-19 to 





Mrs Linda Morris


1-2-19  to 31-1-23





Father Gordon Abbs Foundation 

6-3-19  to 


6-3-19    Archdiocese 

Mrs Rebecca Seddon

Associate Member 

12-10-19 to 11-10-23



Governing Board 

Susan Leck


01-03-14 to




Appointed by Governing Body

John Clegg



1-2-19 to 31-1-23



Staff Ballot

Glyn Donohue

Local Authority

8-1-17 to




Local Authority

Catha Seddon 

Parent Governor 

22-10-19 to 21-10-23



Parental Ballot 

Mrs Emma Fox 

(Vice Chair)


16-10-18 to




Parental Ballot 



Responsibility  Name
Safeguarding Governor Emma Fox 
SEND & Pupil Premium Governor Linda Morris
Health and Safety Governor  Glyn Donohue / John Clegg
PHSE & RSE Governor Jackie Leonard
RE Governor Fr. Gordon Abbs 
Link, History, Geography, Governor  Christine Henshall 
Literacy Governor  Diane Gaskell  

Children looked after Governor

Numeracy Governor 

Science Governor

Arts Governor


Emma Fox

Catha Seddon 

Phil Harte

Christine Henshall




Governor Details of Pecuniary Interest  Details of personal Interest 
Jacqueline Leonard     
Paul Hodge  Nil Nil
Phil Harte  Nil Nil
Linda Morris  Nil Nil
Glyn Donohue Nil Nil
Lucy Unsworth  Nil Nil
Rebecca Seddon  Nil Nil
Christine Henshall  Nil Nil
John Clegg  Nil Nil
Susan Leck  Nil Nil


Governor Meetings 
Attendance at Meetings         
Name  FGB Nov 18  FGB March 2019 FGB June 2019 FGB Nov 2019
Derek Morris  attended  apologies  attended  attended 
Paul Hodge attended  attended  attended  attended
Phil Harte  attended attended  attended  attended 
Linda Morris  attended attended  attended  attended
Glyn Donohue  attended apologies  attended  attended
Father Gordon Abbs    apologies  attended  attended
Rebecca Seddon  attended attended  attended   
Christine Henshall  attended attended  attended  attended 
John Clegg  attended attended  attended  attended
Susan Leck  attended attended  attended  attended 
Emma Fox  attended  attended  attended  attended 
Diane Gaskell        attended 
Catha Seddon         


Name of Governor Finance December 18  Feb 19  May 19 Nov 19 
Glyn Donohue   Chair Attended  Attended Attended  Apologies
Derek Morris  Apologies  Attended Apologies  Attended
Paul Hodge Attended  Attended Apologies  Apologies
Christine Henshall  Attended  Attended Attended  Attended 
Father Gordon Abbs  N/A  N/A Apologies  Apologies 
Susan Leck  Attended  Attended  Attended  Attended
Phil Harte  Apologies  Attended  Apologies  Attended


Name of Governor Curriculum Dec 18  Curric Feb 19 Curric July 19  Curric Oct 19  
Phil Harte   Chair Apologies  Attended  Apologies  Attended 
Derek Morris  Attended  Attended  Attended  Attended 
Paul Hodge  Apologies  Apologies  Attended Apologies
Linda Morris  Attended  Attended  Apologies  Apologies 
Rebecca Seddon  Attended  Apologies  Attended  N/A 
John Clegg  Attended  Attended  Attended Attended 
Susan Leck  Attended  Attended  Attended Attended 
Christine Henshall  Attended Attended  Attended Attended
Emma Fox  N/A  Attended  Apologies  Attended 
Diane Gaskell  N/A  N/A  N/A  Attended