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Swimming guidelines for parents

At St. Catherine's children have swimming lessons in year 5.


  • It is a legal requirement that children participate in swimming activites and water safety instruction.
  • All relevant medical information must be transmitted to school and must be updated throughout the year if required (especially regarding Asthma)
  • Swimming costumes must be ASA regulation type. Boys wear trunks not shorts and girls wear one-piece swimsuits not bikinis
  • No jewellery may be worn
  • If your child has a verruca they must wear a verruca sock until the condition is cleared
  • Hair must be secured off the face at all times by a clip or band, if not, a bathing cap should be worn
  • If your child is unable to take part in swimming lessons, for any reason, then school should be informed via your child's planner or seesaw. 
  • If your child does not meet the expected standard for swimming (25 metres) at the end of Y5, they will continue the lessons in Year 6.