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As a school it is our intention to provide children with the foundations for understanding the world through Science and an understanding of the importance of Science in everyday life. Science has changed our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity, and all pupils should be taught essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science. Teachers will ensure the children are exposed to high quality teaching and learning experiences that will build on prior learning and knowledge. These will grab children’s interest and develop a sense of excitement, curiosity and wonder. We believe that children learn best in Science by doing. We will provide opportunities for them to carry out different types of scientific enquiries, building on previous experiences to ensure that working scientifically and application of knowledge is at the heart of our curriculum. Children will be encouraged to ask questions about the natural world and respect living organisms and the physical environment.




A clear long term plan in line with the National Curriculum where teaching and learning shows progression across all key stages within the strands of Science.

Science is taught weekly in each class and children will reflect on previous learning and cross curricular links will be made wherever possible e.g. Maths, English DT. In addition, they will develop an ability to work both independently and cooperatively in groups whilst respecting the views of others.

Children will be able to build on prior knowledge and link ideas together, enabling them to question and become enquiry based learners.

All children will be catered for through adapted planning suited to their abilities.


Where applicable links to Science will be made to develop the children’s topical learning.

Attainment will be assessed each half term through related science topic assessment tasks and teacher assessment.

Pupil voice will be used to inform further development of the science curriculum through their attitude to and enjoyment of science.




  • Children will enjoy and be enthusiastic about science.
  • Most children will achieve age related expectations in Science at the end of their cohort year.
  • Children will retain knowledge that is relevant to Science with a real life context.
  • Children will be able to use scientific vocabulary to explain what’s happening.
  • Children will be able to question ideas and reflect on knowledge.
  • Children will work collaboratively and practically to investigate and experiment.
  • Children will be able to explain the process they have taken and be able to reason scientifically.