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Year 4

Worry Box

As we are not in school at the moment and you cannot share any of your worries in our normal worry box, we have set up a virtual worry box. You can send us a message to our virtual worry box. It is secure and only staff who have access to the worry box can read the worries. If you want to share a worry or concern fill in the box below. You do need an email address so if you have a school email address you can use this, otherwise use your own or ask a parent if you can use their email address to send your worry to us.

Welcome to Year 4!


What a great start to Year 4! The children have returned to class very enthusiastically. It is lovely to see them! 



This term, we have games on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. Children should come to school in games kit on this day.



All spellings for the year can be found on Seesaw. Spellings are tested on THURSDAY.



Homework will be posted on Seesaw on FRIDAY each week. Please ensure your child has completed this by THURSDAY of the following week.


If your child has any issues accessing Seesaw, send a not in the planner and photocopies of homework can be sent home.


This year, we have some exciting activities to look forward to!

Thursday 13th May 2021- Electricity Workshop

We have organised a full day electricity workshop which is designed to support our science topic..  It is an exciting day packed with 'hands-on' experiments and investigations where children will learn about circuits, common conductors and insulators; discover circuit symbols and circuit diagrams and understand the necessary safety precautions when handling electricity.  More details will be sent out nearer the time.